Vape Pen Maintenance Guidelines


San Diego Medicinal Gardens strives to provide a top-notch service to our patients in all aspects of medical marijuana. Thank you for your donation and listed below you will find the SDMG guidelines on how to optimize the use of a new pen/product.

Pen/Product Maintenance Guidelines

  1. 1st please test each of your pen/product immediately upon purchase.
  2. SDMG is not responsible for structurally damaged pens
    1. Upon Delivery of pen/product, the patient will be required to open the pen/product and verify that there is no structural damage to the pen/product.
  3. Allow a minimum of 15-30 seconds between hits as this ensures the heating element does not get overworked.
  4. Modern vaporizers are made for prolonged vaping sessions, however we recommend to not hold the button down for longer then 10-15 seconds per hit.
  5. Store your pen/product in a cool and shaded place.
  6. Storage area temperate should not exceed 75F degree.
  7. Clean your vape pen each time before using your charger with an alcohol wipe or q-tip.
  8. SDMG has a 7-day return policy on all pen/products (See Below Details)

SDMG 7-Day Return Policy

  1. 7 day firm return policy from the date of purchased pen/product
  2. Return’s are limited to ONLY:
    1. Broken atomizer
    2. Excessively leaking pen (Pictures required)